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Useful locations for conference goers can be found on this map

Getting from the Airport to Olomouc

If you are arriving in Prague, take the AE “Airport express” bus from the terminal to the main train station.  You can buy your ticket inside the airport at the Bus Ticket counter, or pay in cash (100 CZK). 

You can also take a taxi. Taxis around Prague usually cost 600-800 CZK to get from the airport to the station.  Any taxi which is allowed to cue will be ok to take. Do not try to use Uber or other ride share services, they are not very common here. A taxi driver will always have a proper meter which they will turn on, and you can ask in advance whether they accept credit cards. Do not ride in a cab which does not have a working, legitimate meter. 

From the Vienna airport you can travel by train or bus. These often transfer in Brno or Breclav. Brno is possibly a more comfortable transfer point, but both are fine. Flix Bus and Student Agency have bus connections, or you can travel by Ceske Drahy (Czech Rails) or Regio Jet trains. 

Once you are in Olomouc you can take the tram or bus to your final destination. If your phone works, you can get a ticket via sms, or buy a traditional paper ticket at any of the kiosks or “TABAK/TRAFIKA” stands. Validate your ticket when you enter the tram or bus. Bus and tram schedules can be checked on IDOS (you cannot buy tickets on this site) .  You can also take a taxi, which will cue in front of the train station by the post office (to the right as you exit the building). Taxis around Olomouc cost from 100-200 CZK. Any taxi which is cuing will be legitimate.  It is possible to buy a multi-day public transport ticket for Olomouc, but realistically all places around the center are a short walking distance and you will not likely need it unless you will be going far outside of the center. 



Once you have received an email accepting your proposal, you only need to respond with a confirmation email that you would like to attend. This conference has no registration fee. If you are a student and need to receive ECTS credits for your participation, information about this will be made available in the summer. All in-person parts of the conference will take place at the Faculty of Arts, Palacký University Olomouc, Křížkovského 511/10, 771 80 Olomouc, Czech Republic. 

The conference program will be announced by mid-July at the latest, and will be posted here. 

Due to the use of university dorms to accommodate the situation in Ukraine, the university cannot provide organized accommodation for conference participants. The city of Olomouc offers many small accommodation options:

“Student” prices can be found at Long Story Short or Poet’s Corner (do not book at an ‘ubytovna‘ – these are cheap, long-stay residences for temporary manual laborers).

Accommodation near the university can be found at Miss Sophie’s,  Arigone, or Hotel Palac. There are larger, traditional hotels around the city, and thanks to the good public transport, no matter where you book you will be no more than 20 minutes away from the conference venue. Air BnB is also possible throughout the city. 

You can find out more about our lovely city here! You can also read why the New York Times thinks it’s a great option to Prague

Travel to and from Olomouc can be managed:

By plane, from Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague, or Tuřany Airport in Brno, with a connecting bus or train to Olomouc. Vienna International Airport is also a reasonable option. 

By train using Czech Railways, RegioJet, or Leo Express.

By bus through Student Agency, Flix Bus, or the local Czech bus lines (which can be found here- the webpage is in CZ but if you download the app you can change the language.)

It is possible to rent a car through various providers, though parking around Olomouc is very difficult and limited. 




Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic, Sept. 12-16, 2022

Representing History in/as Comics: Ethics and Choice


We are hosting a 5-day combined conference, with traditional paper presentations and workshops, as well as round table discussions and practical workshop sessions, to address questions of ethics and choice in the depiction of history, the use of history, or historicizing elements appearing in graphic novels, comic books, comic strips, editorial cartoons, and newer forms of image/text such as webcomics and Internet memes. We welcome a broad interpretation of the topic, to be examined by scholars and comics creators alike. This event will take place in blended form, with both in-person and remote options for participation. Students and doctoral candidates receive 3 ECTS credits for their participation (awarded by the host university), and there will be no registration fees. 

We now invite proposals for 20-minute PAPERS for the conference part of the event. Possible themes include, but are not limited to: 

  • Regional history in comics
  • Significant historical events
  • Representation of perpetrators
  • Family history
  • Big history 
  • Ethics and the Anthropocene
  • Natural history and the history of humans in nature
  • War and conflict
  • National mythologies
  • Biographical and autobiographical comics
  • Comics journalism
  • Documentary comics
  • Ethical concerns of the comics format
  • Artistic choice in representation
  • Multimodality and ethics
  • Comics used in teaching history

We are also accepting proposals for other types of submissions:

  • For the round table discussions, please submit up to three question proposals to be addressed by the round tables, related (but not limited) to the themes above. Please include the term “ROUND TABLE QUESTIONS” in your email subject line. 
  • Posters, especially welcome for students or first-time conference participants, on any of the themes listed above. Please include the term “POSTER SESSION” in your email subject line. 

Please submit your question proposals, paper proposal (200 words or less), along with a short biography (100 words or less) by email to elizabethallyn.woock (at) by April 1st 2022. We’ll continue to accept late student proposals til the end of July.  Please specify if you anticipate attending in person or remotely. In the case of pandemic restrictions, the event will be moved fully online. 


For further information please contact: 

Elizabeth Allyn Woock: elizabethallyn.woock (at)

Dragos Manea: dragos.manea (at) 

Mihaela Precup: mihaela.precup (at) 

Ezster Szep: eszterszep (at) 

Barbara Postema: b.postema (at)

Johannes Schmid: johannes.schmid (at) 


Organized by Palacky University and the Erasmus+ BIP project “History in Comics”

DOWNLOAD  History in Comics – Ethics C4P