Welcome to the homepage of the History in Comics project!


  • Currently contributing to the collective monograph HistorioGRAPHICS, with co-editors Charlotte Lerg and Johannes Schmid. Details on the way! You can follow updates on the Publications page.
  • Organizing the Comprehending Comics Conference for September 2024 with Amy Matthewson!



  • In fall 2023 we hosted a workshop focused on students as an extension of the great workshop activities we had at the conference. This workshop to not only included comics and graphic novels, but also creative writing and academic writing (and overlaps between all those forms). This workshop was designed to give students an intensive retreat where they can finally focus on their composition skills and take it to the next level.  You can read more about the workshop here. First-time comics creators were welcome, as well as veterans!
  • In September 2022 we hosted a fabulous international conference on comics studies. We had a great group of researchers (you can meet them here) who participated in six focused discussion meetings from January to May 2022, and then the project culminated in a conference/workshop in September 2022 (which you can check out here)

The 5-day combined conference invited traditional paper presentations, and the workshop portion of the event featured round table discussions and practical workshop sessions, to address questions of ethics and choice in the depiction of history, the use of history, or historicizing elements appearing in graphic novels, comic books, and newer forms of image/text such as memes. We welcomed a broad interpretation of the topic, to be examined by scholars and comic creators alike. This event took place in blended form, with both in-person and remote options for participation. Students and doctoral candidates received 3 ECTS credits for their participation, and there were no registration fees.